Oriol Angrill Jordà

Gorgeous portraits by the Spanish artist Oriol Angrill Jordà.Featherlike%20HD%20log%20webgreydy%20web%20copiamagenta%20web%20(2)cloudyeye%20webLourdes+H+-Encursiva


Check out the work of self taught illustrator OMASH ONE.



Lucy Dalzell

Dear friend and fellow UoP graduate, the mega talented London based illustrator Lucy Dalzell has recently had a lovely pop up book published by Cicada Books. Designed by Corina Fletcher and written by Michael Palin and Dan Cruickshank, the book explores the history of London’s King’s Cross station and the surrounding area from the Victorian age through to today. Design Week published an online article about Lucy’s work and have some great images of the pop up book, so I strongly recommend checking them out.

I’ve loved her artwork ever since university and wanted to share her wonderful work with you. Go buy her book immediately! 





Kelli Murray

Today I stumbled across the super cute blog Fancy Treehouse which contains lovely illustrations by Killi Murray, so I thought I would share a couple.




Swiss based artists NEVERCREW, created this awesome Octopus pool painting for the skatepark of Lugano. They’ve also created a cool video of the artwork in production.

Mr Bingo

Being Movember I thought it would be appropriate to share Mr Bingo‘s project Movember for Cool Ridge. Also check out his Hate Mail.





The Everywhere Project

I wanted to share this super cute collaborative piece The Everywhere Project. Designed to pay tribute  to the classic folk song “I’ve Been Everywhere”, a select group of designers and illustrators are invited to create luggage labels, each reperesenting one of the 92 locations that appear in the American version of the song. Each artist shares their take on a place they’ve been, have connections with, or a place they only recently learned about. 

The description of the project s featured on the website, saying “The song was written in 1959 by Australian songwriter Geoff Mack using Australian place names. It was later adapted to North American (and a few South American) locations by Hank Snow in 1962 and it hit number one on the country music charts. It has since been recorded by many artists including Johnny Cash and Willy Nelson.”

The project is curated by Adrian Walsh, a designer and illustrator based out of Southern California.






Black Rock
by Justin Mezzell

by Matt Chase

by Alyssa Nassner

by Ricky Linn

by Teresa Wozniak

Dodge City
by Colin Hesterly

El Dorado
by Glenn Thomas

Glen Rock
by Steven Blumenthal

Morgan Herrin

Stunning work by artist Morgan Herrin. Artwork featured on Ada Gallery.ImageImageImageImage

Ruben Ireland

Sorry guys for the really slack posting, A crazy few weeks which I’m hoping to settle down soon. 

I have been meaning to share the stunning work of London based graphic artist Ruben Ireland. Enjoy!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Jack Hughes

Talented and stylish London based freelance illustratorJack Hughes is responsible for these chic creations. Most of them have been created for use in a recently published book, titled A Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails. I myself feel that AMC should hire him immediately for the opening credits of Season 6 of Mad Men.

Check out more of his work on his Tumblr blog.





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