The Bigger Picture

I’m a total sucker for magnified photography. I stumbled across these images earlier this week and loved even more that there is no label for what they are. It feeds the imagination.

For further viewing, I found the images on But Does It Float which is a wicked online gallery worth viewing. You can also see more magnified photography from FEI on their Flickr page. Happy guessing….


I’m always one to look out for the latest talent from the graduate pool. I thought the approach for this years degree show from AUoB was both fresh and engaging. Titled Disperse 2011, they’ve cre­ated some lovely print mate­ri­al, includ­ing a laser cut poster and interactive web animation. Check out the site

and “poke” their dynamic logo.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Considering the amount of times we look at the human eye in a single day, it’s surprising how little I myself have contemplated the anatomy of it. That is until I saw the stunning work of Suren Manvelyan. You can see the full portfolio Your Beautiful Eyes on Suren’s Behance page.

Portraits of Perfection

I came across the work of the David Downton in Marks and Spencers some years ago. Adorning a tote bag was an exquisite illustration of Twiggy. His work never seems to amaze me.



Vintage Disassembly

I came across the work of Todd McLellan on the Telegraph website recently. I love the concept and execution. I also think it is reminiscent of the work of Cornelia Parker in 1991 for the Tate Turner Prize, where she had a garden shed blown up by the British Army and suspended the fragments as if suspending the explosion process in time. In the centre was a light which cast the shadows of the wood dramatically on the walls of the room. Work titled Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View.

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