Tom French

Artist Tom French grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He went on to graduate from the Sheffield Institute of Art and Design in 2005.

He works predominantly with charcoal to create abstract illusion pieces.

“When viewing these pieces the first thing seen is the image of a skull, then as you approach the work or take a closer look, the figures will appear. This transformation from a dark skull (a symbol of death) to the female form (often a representation of beauty, vitality & fertility) is almost bringing a dead object to life – humanising it. So the closer you get to the image, the more alive it comes.”




Stella Im Hultberg

I originally came across the work of Stella Im Hultberg on the devise customising eCommerce site, Gelaskins of all places. I have come to be a huge fan of her work.

The South Korea-born artist now based in Brooklyn NY, Stella Im Hultberg fell into the art world. After studying Industrial Design at Cal State, she worked as a product designer but felt that it wasn’t for her. Wanting to remain in the creative industry, she turned to drawing, painting and sculpting as an alternative output for her creativity. Crediting the internet for launching her art career, Stella had previously posted her pieces across several blog sites, which began to create a buzz around her work.

You can view more of Stella’s work on her website, as well as keeping update on exhibitions and new works on her blog.











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