Huebucket is a designer and artist based in Bangkok, Thailand, otherwise known as Chalermphol H. His work has been featured on various Threadless tshirts, as well as Behance Illustration Served. He also has two boutiques on Etsy selling tshirts and prints.

Check out his website for more examples of his work.






19 thoughts on “Huebucket

  1. I am also an artist who has his own t-shirt store but great work if anything. Im surprised to hear someones selling from Etsy though, i tried opening a store on there and it seemed more abandoned then anything else. Then again it could be due the location difference but hey glad to see someone is indulging in their artistry. Especially with Etsy, you can really build a good brand off of that site and way better then i can at least. Keep up the good art and pass by and check out some of my designs and art work sometime buddy, later -,o

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